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Opening a Page for Editing

There are TWO main types of pages in your site

  • Regular HTML pages (these are free-form pages that you can edit like in a word processor, basically)
  • Shopping Cart pages (these are database-driven, and they
    use 'Product Templates' to determine their layout. Shopping cart pages display items in your Catalog database, stacked, one on top of the other down the page, like a cookie cutter.)

You can open either type of page for editing, but most of the time it will be a regular HTML page that you will want to edit.

Here's how to open a regular (non-shopping cart driven) HTML page for editing:

1. Open the Site Map area of your site after logging in.

2. Click the little "Edit" button to the right of the page you want to edit:

3. The editor window pops up with the page open and ready to modify.

4. Remember to SAVE your work by clicking the little "Floppy Disk" icon in the top left of the editor.

Another tip: SINGLE LINE BREAK is "Shift + Enter"
  DOUBLE LINE BREAK is just "Enter"