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About Us

Finally a great web site customized for YOUR business, ready to go, at a low-cost.

Plus, somebody friendly to explain it all in plain English! Plain and simple, ClientReady is in the business of helping you get a powerful web site that will make money for your business - whether you're new to online stores or you have high-end backoffice and inventory management needs.More and more, small and medium sized businesses are going online. Over 67% of the U.S. population has access to the web these days, and business owners are realizing that not having a web site means lost customers and lost revenues.

Making Web Sites Easy

But business owners need somebody to demystify the process of getting and using a web site for their business needs. And they want the site to be attractive, functional and not cost too much. They need to see the return on their investment and how having a web site will impact their bottom line. ClientReady Web Sites was founded on the idea of making web sites for small and medium sized businesses affordable, attractive and easy to use – and helping business owners look at how having a web site will have a positive impact on their bottom line.

ClientReady web sites offer value, ease of use (you can edit the text and pictures on your site just like you would using any word processor!), personal support and training, and a high level of customizability unseen in other lower-cost web site solutions.

When you sign up for a web site, we'll build it for you - then you'll receive One-on-One Phone Support. We'll log on to your web site with you over the phone and one of our trained specialists will help you with your web site needs, making sure you are comfortable with managing your site.

Educating Our Clients is Key

We'll make our vast knowledge of running online sites and stores available to you, and educate you so that you can always make your best decision about how to run your business.

For example, an attorney will not need a 'Job Cost Estimating Calculator' on his web site. But it would be perfect for a landscaper, to allow clients online to plan and play with their budgets for landscaping their backyard.

A house painter may want a tool for clients to be able to try various color combinations for their home, while a national medical testing company might want a 'local office locator' built in to their site.

Almost any business web site should have a 'Client Testimonials' and a "Frequently Asked Questions" section - but most do not. keep this in mind when creating your site.The list of possibilities is endless, but the trick is to figure out the right mix of information and tools for YOUR business.ClientReady - the most powerful, flexible business-ready web sites in the world. The best solution for small and medium-sized business looking to get online, economically, and in a hurry. Finally, somebody's made the process of getting your business online simple, affordable, and smart.