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Your Inventory (Shopping Cart Database)
The Inventory is where you input all the items you want in your database. This database can be used to for an online store, but could also be used for anything that involves a database "lookup" such as keeping records, names, addresses, pricing info, resources, links, images and image galleries, anything you can imagine really.The inventory database is fully searchable - for instance you could allow a user to search for products under $20 and with the word "Gift" in them. Or a user might search for information such as homes in the state of California, between $100,000 and $200,000 with more than 4 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms. Any data that your Inventory contains can be searched. To use your Inventory database, click "Inventory" after logging in to arrive at this screen:

Inventory / Database Screen

Adding new items or editing existing ones in your Inventory is EASY!
Everything is point and click, and you can update pricing and any info for your Inventory/database/store, or whatever, in seconds and the changes go live instantly!
Adding an item:

Editing an item:

The number of variables you can assign to an item is almost endless, and you can easily define custom variables without doing any additional set up or programming!
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