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Building Your Site
Image and Page Editing
Adding and Deleting Pages from Your Site
Adding Pages/Categories
Changing Colors on Your Site
Changing/Editing Text on Your Site
Changing Images on Your Site
Font Selection for Your Sites Header Image
FREE Image Editor
Global Page Parts
How to Make Image Files for Your Site
Library of Artwork You Can Use
Making a Button or Image with a Link
Making a Link or Hyperlink
Making an Email "MailTo:" Link
Making a Link to a Downloadable File
Making a New Page
Opening a Page for Editing
Single Line Breaks vs. Double Line Breaks
Shopping Cart - Inventory
Processing Orders/Payments on your Site
Categorizing Catalog Items
Ordering of Catalog Items in Your Pages
Making a "Add to Cart" Button (in a non-shopping cart driven page)
Making Option Menus
Making Shopping Cart Pages
Removing items
Image Uploading (FTP)
FTP or Uploading Images Trouble
Start Here: Checking Your Browser Settings
Your Email
Email Settings for your Email Software
Important: About Email Newsletters, Mass Emailing and SPAMMING
Retrieving Email from a Web Browser
Retrieving Email with Software Such as Outlook Express

Accepting Credit Cards
About Accepting Credit Cards on Your Site

Administering Your Site
Changing Your Username or Password

Domain Name Registration
Getting Your Own Free Web Address

We recommed GoDaddy for low cost domain registration

Moving Your Existing Web Address
Getting Your Own FREE Web Address
How To Move Your Existing Web Site Address

Problems & Troubleshooting
Changes You Make Aren't Appearing
Cutting Down On SPAM Email
Email Settings for your Email Software
FTP or Uploading Images Trouble
Page Freezes or Browser Crashes While Editing or Saving

Promoting Your Site
26 Steps to Google Search Engine Success (Must read!)
About Newsletters and Spamming
Adding META tags and Keywords to Your Site
Search Engines and Site Marketing

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